Be visible!
Be visible!

Digital Marketing is one of the most effective forms
of advertising. Let us help you be visible in Internet!

Let them find you!
Let them find you!

Our Paid Search campaigns are well
optimized to increase the traffic and number
of customers for competitive click cost.
Don’t wait to let them find you.

What we do?

We will improve the visibility of your website in organic Google’s search results thanks to detailed analyze followed by on-site optimization, link...
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Web design
Our beautiful websites work both on computers and mobile devices like phones and tablets giving the user a great and safe experience...
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Social Media Marketing
We manage Social Media and grow communities by creating a fresh engaging campaign for personalized audiences and generating buzz around your company....
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PPC Campaigns
We will run a well optimized Google Ads campaign for you. We will reach a personalized group of clients who are really...
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SEO / SEM Marketing

Brand awareness building and reaching customers is the main goal of running a business. Over the last decade, we had been witnessing a complete revolution of forces on the marketing level where the Internet plays an increasingly important or main role in the promotion of business.

We know how to take advantage of it.

Search Engine Optimization is currently one of the most effective ways of gaining traffic on your website. Which means, more customers!

What is SEO / SEM?

SEO is an acronym of Search Engine Optimization which is the process of maximizing the traffic on the website by making this site appearing higher under particular phrases in the list of results returned by the search engines like Google. Interested clients who enter these phrases into Google search have a much better chance of finding the website on which SEO has been applied because it will be displayed in a more visible place for the user at the cost of a competitive website that does not use SEO service. SEO is one of the three components of SEM – Search Engine Marketing while the other two are PPC Campaigns and Social Media Marketing.

You know from your own experience that you are not going to browse a hundred websites to find a company you are looking for.  You will choose between a few first websites displayed in the search results.

Let us help you to be in there.

What is included in the SEO service?

  • website analysis in terms of keyword
  • research and selection of the keywords
  • optimization of the pages code (meta-tags, headers, links, structure)
  • creation and optimization of client’s Google my Business card
  • creation of Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts
  • improvement of page URL structure (creating friendly URLs)
  • content creation or / and optimization
  • technical improvements of the website in terms of SEO (load speed, image optimization)
  • increasing the number of external and internal links
  • monitoring of the website and SEO activities
  • every month report

  • The composition of the SEO service depends primarily on the customer’s website. All items from the list above might have a different value for each website and may require more focus on individual points at the cost of others. It is important to properly analyze each website to make a successful SEO strategy and gradually make changes on it.

    SEO London or SEO New York ? – Try SEO locally!

    Of course, London or New York is just an example. It may well be any other city. The service that applies to specific regions or cities is called a local SEO. It is an attractive strategy for companies or headquarters, which mainly offers its products in the local market. Local positioning allows you to reach potential costumers around your local area as well as make it easier for them to find your company in other Google tools such as Google Maps as a result of optimizing the Google My Bussiness card.


    This term covers a set of activities carried out both on the client’s website (on site) and off-site to increase the visibility of the website in the search results ranking and improve the site’s position in this ranking on the expected keywords or phrases.

    By typing any keywords or phrases into the search engine, e.g. Google, your potential client will end up with a ranking with many results that lead to various websites associated with these keywords.

    Most of the Internet users rarely get to the fourth, third or even second page of search results when they look for some product or information. They find it on the first page in the first few results. With individual strategy, our SEO service will make you appear higher under various expected keywords and phrases, therefore, it will increase traffic on your website.

    Position in a search results ranking depends on the algorithm of the search engine, which is influenced by many criteria, such as website compliance with current technical requirements, proper page and URL design, on-site & robots optimization, number and quality of backlinks, number of duplicates and copies, possession of a sitemap or even age of the domain.

    It is also important what the website itself presents and how valuable content it has.

    This is only part of the activities, but you can assume that the more valuable, safe and modern website for the user, the more valuable for the search engine. Search Engine Optimization is about meeting as many above listed criteria as possible.