PPC Campaigns

We will run a well optimized Google Ads campaign for you. We will reach a personalized group of clients who are really interested in your products.

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns like Google Ads allows you to instantly reach a group of potential customers by placing a sponsored advertisement in the top of search results under the expected keywords and on websites cooperating with Google. It is a solution providing an instant effect, while you pay every time somebody clicks the advert redirecting to your website.

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The key advantage of such a solution comparing to Search Engine Optimization is an instantaneous effect on page traffic caused by the campaign thanks to sponsored adverts which are placed in very visible places at the top of search results. Campaigns can be displayed in the form of Google sponsored links, in graphic form – banners or video (YouTube). It is a prepaid system – you set up the budget. The advert disappears from search results every time, you run off it by paying for people clicking it.

The biggest disadvantage of PPC campaigns comparing to SEO is that it might be expensive for highly competitive keywords and this is why it is important to have it optimized well and also the reason it is always worth considering combining or parallel running various marketing activities like Google Ads with Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing.